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Modified bullet into bobber 43

These was an simple royal enfield classic converted into a real bobber (single seater)
This bike was prepared on special order. The person name Mr. Srinivas had dream to have a royal enfield classic into bobber style. So, he went to a modifier with some photograph of bikes to modifies his classic but, unable to explain completely what he want. Modifier understood that Mr. Srinivas want to convey.  Then they converted his classic into a real bobber. These modification was beyond his imagination. 

Parts on which modification done on bike:-

1. Body

Body of enfield painted into simple black polished color matchs with tyres.

2. Wheel

There is no change in rim of wheel but both front & back tyer replaced with simple bobber black bike tyres of simple pattern 

3. Seat

Enfield seat has been replaced with flat curved seat  for bobber look.

4. Steering 

The handle of enfield has been replaced with curved banded  handle bar  for a cafe racer experience. These modification confuses the audience, to be name the bike as cafe racer or bobber.  

The name of bike is bobber 43, because it was prepared for Mr.srinivas on his 43 birthday. 

These royal enfield is modified into bobber by eimor customs


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