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Modified royal enfield bullet into farm style

Best ever modified royal enfield classic into farm style 

Classic 350 converted into an custom cowboy bike. It attracts the the people by its unique modification which had not seen till today.
The main part of attraction in these classic is its fuel tank which show many art work of farm life. Leather finish to the bike is unique and it is attractive too. Parts like engine and silencer are not changed but the wraping on silencer match with colour of bike. The modified wheels are one of the major attractive part because brown colour is an dark and unique colour which turns many face towards tyres. 

The fuel tank is painted with very safe manner that looks unique because a picture of cow boy with leather hat create unique scenario, the overlapping of fuel tank with                                                       THE GUNSLINGER 
Create feeling like driving indian scout. The shaded color with brown overlapping create focus of rider towards tank. The painting of man is also an unique work which not commonly available in our surrounding.  The eyes of cowboy shows the angry behavior, which create feeling of  gangster is watching. The hard work done by artist on tank is appreciable because the painting of man and scenerio of farm, mountain with color is excellent. 

The singal seat with gun on both the side is different idea which will be in trend within year. the leather seat on bike is an another attractive feature in bike. 
These gun look like old pistol, which is used for fighting in alone on street of city. The gun also has leather  brown holder which matches with seat. The person driving these bike feels like riding on horse. An different idea of designer made the bike like horse of cowboy.

Leather brown bags on both the side made an enfield more attractive. These bags are matching with color of wheels and paint on body of bike. 

Leather bag suit on desert storm classic but on these classic it is amazing. 

The unique idea of designer made best ever modified royal enfield till today. 


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